If eating and traveling are your thing then you are in the right place! 

Created in 2015, Save.Eat.Travel are for you my foodie and travel buddies who love to eat good food and discover new places.  When I started out, this blog is only about travel tips and food recommendations (still is).  Somehow, along the way, it ventured into a Lifestyle blog.  You might find a few recipes, app reviews or other articles which could be useful to you.

I think I have loved traveling even as a little kid which is why I chose the Hospitality Industry as my career choice.  Want a clipnotes version of my career?  I worked at hotel properties for 8 years (been around to lots of department - Front Desk, Reservations, Events).  If you might notice some of my hotel reviews are a bit detailed, it is because I am used to the Hotel Industry and I know what the standards are. 

What keeps me going for this blog is knowing that I became a part of helping you create memories and of course filling your stomach with good food recommendations.

I always love hearing your stories and how my blog helped you.  Feel free to drop me a note anytime.
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