Visa Application | How To Apply For South Korean Visa For Philippine Passport Holders

By huayyu - 9/19/2015

I have always wanted to go to Korea.  Maybe it is because of all those Korean Dramas that I always watch and K-Pop that I listen to.  This coming October 2015, I am finally going!!!  My Korean Visa has been approved!  I have already been to Korea before however, I am still nervous about getting my visa as there have been talks they are more strict now.

UPDATE 01/18/2020: Apply for the visa in advance as it now takes at least 30 days for them to release your passport.

UPDATE 01/20/2019: I recently applied for a Korean Visa at Pan Pacific Travel (priced at Php700).  They still have the same requirements except for the application form which should be typewritten.  They also mentioned that starting Jan 2019, there is a new application form however it is not yet uploaded on their website.  Make sure to ask your travel agency about it. 


I will be showing you how to apply for the visa for those employed.  Take note that approval is not guaranteed.  It will still depend on the consul.

Here is the list of requirements:
1. Application Form
    - You may download it at the application form here.

    - Kindly fill-up the application form.  Read the first page carefully for the instructions on how to fill-up the form.  For those questions that are not applicable, write N/A.

2. (1) piece of Passport size colored picture

3. Original Passport (should be valid for more than 6months)

4. Photocopy of Passport Bio-page (page 2)

5. Original & Photocopy of valid visa/s and arrival stamps to OECD member countries for the past 5 years (If applicable, and Korean Visas will not be counted)
    - As I mentioned above, I have already been to Korea once.  What I did, I photocopied the Korean Visa which was issued to me (still within 5 years).  Thinking that if they didn't need it, it will just be removed from the documents.  I did pass it and they have accepted it.

6. Original Certificate of Employment
   (must include applicant's position, date hired, compensation, office address, HR landline number(cell-phone number is not allowed), HR e-mail address)
    - You must include all the details required.  You may ask your HR to make sure that it is included.  It was mentioned by my HR that the address and the phone are already in the footer of the letter however I still asked my HR to include the address and phone number in the body of the letter to make sure that they would be able to see it immediately.  
7. Original Personal Bank Certificate 
   (must include account type, current balance, account opening date, ADB)
    - You may get this from the bank with a fee.

8. Bank Statement
   (original or certified true copy of bank statements/passbook for the last 3 months)
     - You may also get this from the bank.  What I passed is the Certified True Copy of the Bank Statement (print out only).

10. Photocopy of ITR (Income Tax Return) or Form 2316
     - This is the ITR from the previous year.  So for me, I presented my ITR for 2014.

*** Arrange the documents by the order on how they are required (based on the numbering of the requirements).

*** Processing Time:
  •  3 working days (for those who have been to OECD member countries within 5 years as a tourist)
  •  5 working days (for those who have not been to OECD member countries within 5 years)
*** Visa Fee: 
  •  59 days (or less) stay in Korea -- GRATIS
  •  60 to 90 days stay in Korea -- PHP1,800.00
The validity of the visa is for 3 months so you may apply for your visa at least 2 months before your departure date so that you would still have an allowance just in case you would want to extend.

After acquiring the documents, you may now go to the Korean Embassy.  The address is McKinley Town Center, 122 Upper McKinley Rd, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila.

Upon arriving, you would need to leave an ID at the entrance.  They will direct you to the visa application area where an officer will check your documents and hand you a number.  Wait for your turn and present the documents to the consul.  They will give you a claiming stub and it is indicated there when you would be able to claim it.  Since I presented the photocopy of my Korean Visa from my last Korean trip, they placed me under the 3 days processing time (don't know why but happy because I was able to receive my visa earlier).

I would love to know how it went when you applied for your visa and if you have been approved.

Good luck to everybody who will apply!  

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