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By huayyu - 11/05/2015

Looking for budget accommodation in Seoul, South Korea?  Try Step Inn Meyongdong 1.

Update: Philstay Myeongdong is now called Step Inn Myeongdong 1

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When I first saw the Philstay Myeongdong thru TripAdvisor, I knew that I have found a hostel where I could stay that is within the budget and right near the shopping district.  I emailed them immediately to inquire about the rates and how to make the payment.  I was told that I have to make the payment thru wire transfer only.  Since I am not familiar with wire transfer and I know that there would be additional payment since it will be an international wire transfer, I had to figure out another way to make the booking. Luckily for me, I saw in the TripAdvisor that they have it Agoda.  I immediately looked it up and I was in luck because there was an available room (lowest category-economy twin)! I had to check their cancellation policy as it is still months before my trip.  The good thing about booking in Agoda is that I can cancel the booking at least a week before the arrival date without any charges and that they would charge the credit card of my chosen currency and at a later date as well.  When booking, make sure to check the cancellation policy and any other fees that you might incur.  This is to avoid any unnecessary expenses on your part.  Once I have read the cancellation policy and checked if there are other conditions, I didn't hesitate to make the booking. 

One thing that amazes me is that the staff are very accommodating as those in the 5-star hotels.   Since I am planning this trip all on my own, I have a few inquiries (ex. KTX) and they have been extremely helpful.  

If you want to know how we got to Philstay Hostel from Incheon, check out my post on Guide in Traveling from Incheon to Philstay Myeongdong.

Upon check-in, I just gave them my passport and the Agoda Voucher.  It was a very quick process and they assisted us in getting to our room.  Once in the room, the receptionist advised us to remove our shoes and to use the slippers inside.  As we were carrying our luggage, I just walked straight in the room with my shoes on and was reminded again and they explained to us that in Korea, they would take their shoes off before entering.  If you will see the picture below, the grey area is where they place the shoes before entering.

Step Inn Myeongdong 1

When we got inside, I was expecting a much smaller room as it was mentioned in the review that the walk space is very limited.  Yes, it is limited but for me, it is already big enough for 2 persons.  Most important is that I didn't feel like a box to me.  There was one hotel we stayed in Hongkong that there was almost no space left for you to walk and it felt claustrophobic.  But this is not the case with Philstay Myeongdong.

Step Inn Myeongdong 1 Space

They do offer basic amenities: refrigerator, TV, hairdryer and washing machine.  We didn't get to use the washing machine but they do provide detergent and drying rack.

Step Inn Myeongdong 1 Washing Machine

Step Inn Myeongdong 1 Room Amenities

Step Inn Myeongdong 1 Refrigerator

If you are very picky about the size of the bathroom, then you might have to look for somewhere else as the bathroom here is very small.  When I mean small is that you face the sink and when you turn 360 you face the door.  The sink and the shower are in one place and the toilet is just beside it.  I had to close the lid of the toilet seat to place my clothes there.  So you have to shower carefully so as not to get the whole bathroom wet.  There is also a rain shower however I didn't use it as there are rusts on the side where the water comes out.

Step Inn Myeongdong 1 Shower

One of the reasons why I also picked this place is because of the price that we are paying, it includes breakfast.  They provide the basics like cereals, bread, milk, etc.  It is self-service and you would have to wash your own dishes.  This is my first time staying in a hostel so I didn't know but they do place the signage that it is self-service.

Step Inn Myeongdong 1 Breakfast

Step Inn Myeongdong 1 Coffee

Also, you have to go to the Reception to advise them every time you like your room to be cleaned. We didn't know this so our room hasn't been cleaned for 2 days.  Since the trash is already piling up, I had to go to the reception to ask them to clean the room.   It would be nice if they would get the trash every day as it piles up.  Or they could also advise the guests beforehand that the guests need to advise reception to clean the room.

Overall, I would rate my experience here 9 out of 10.  I left the 1 point because of the cleaning of the room.  I would definitely recommend this to those who are traveling on a budget and who just need a place to sleep since you will be out most of the time.


ADDRESS: Taehung Bldg. 15 Floor, 55, Myeongdong-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
PHONE NUMBER: +82 2 2267 8888
BOOK NOW: Click here to check the rates and book a room
Were you able to stay here?  I would also love to know more about your experiences in Philstay Myeongdong.

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  1. Hello huayyu, did they ask you for the credit card you used for reservation through Agoda upon check-in? Or they just asked you to show passport and Agoda voucher only? I think I'm gonna stay with Phil as well but I'll be making reservation through Agoda using my parent's card since I don't have any >__< is it close to subway station nearby? Thank you~

  2. Yes, they have also asked for the credit card. I know that they have an option in Agoda if someone is paying for your stay. I suggest that you try that option and read the terms and conditions. You could also email the hotel to verify. It is also my first time to book in Agoda and was scared that I might not have a room when I arrive so I emailed the hotel to reconfirm my booking. The staff are friendly and helpful so they would answer your questions immediately. Yes, the hotel is close to the subway. We actually walk for about 5 mins going to the subway. It is a pretty convenient location.

  3. Hi huayyu, this is very good review, me also consider to stay at philstay, btw is there any elevator/lift in philstay? Would like to stay 6 night so will bring big luggage.

  4. Hi Denok, yes they have a lift. It is a building that rents spaces and I think Philstay rented out the whole floor. There are other hostels within the building but on different floors. No need to worry if you have big luggage. I also bought 1 medium and 1 small luggage and did not have a problem. Enjoy your vacation. There are lots to see in Korea.