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By huayyu - 7/06/2018

Cityinn Hotel Plus Ximending

Here is another hotel review.  This time, the hotel is in Taipei, Taiwan.  When we go on trips, we usually look for a hotel that is good on the budget, clean and a plus is near the shopping sites of course.  If you are visiting Taipei, then this hotel is definitely a must recommended for budget travelers.

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There is a lot of branch for CityInn.  But our most recommended branch is in Ximending.  Ximending is one of the shopping districts in Taipei.  The location of CityInn is very convenient because it is located across Ximending.  It has enough distance to walk and far enough for it to be in a quiet area.  CityInn is also located near the exit points of their subway.
CityInn is a boutique hotel which means that it does not offer breakfast.  But not to worry, their location is so convenient that there are a lot of small restaurants and convenience stores nearby.  Just beside the hotel, there is a small restaurant that sells rice toppings.

Cityinn Hotel Plus Ximending  Location

Once you enter, you will be greeted by their friendly staff who will be able to help you from booking tours, luggage storage, restaurant reservations and more.

Cityinn Hotel Plus Ximending  Reception

Cityinn Hotel Plus Ximending  Directory

CityInn has a total of 8 floors.  The Lobby, of course, is where the front desk is located.  There is also a Restroom as well as a coffee station and a computer station.  The computer station is a very convenient way to check your flight or to do web check-in and print your e-ticket.  You can print 1st 3 pages for free.

Cityinn Hotel Plus Ximending Coffee

Cityinn Hotel Plus Ximending Printer

The basement floor has the Self-Service Kitchen or Pantry, Laundry Room, Common Room, and Computer Station.  If we get tired and want to go back to CityInn, we usually bring food back to the hotel and we will use their common room to eat.  Microwave ovens, coffee, and water dispensers are also available to use.  Be reminded that these are all self-service.  Be sure to clean up after eating.

Cityinn Hotel Plus Ximending Pantry

Cityinn Hotel Plus Ximending Dining Area

Cityinn Hotel Plus Ximending Common Area

Cityinn Hotel Plus Ximending Washing Machine

Cityinn Hotel Plus Ximending Computers

The Guest Rooms start from 2nd to 8th floor.  We booked a family room that has two double beds.  Since the building has only one side that has windows, most of their rooms don't have windows.  However, the room that we booked has a window so it feels larger compared to other rooms.   Also, the area for walking in the room is a bit small that we only have enough space for placing our luggage.

Cityinn Hotel Plus Ximending In Room Amenities

Cityinn Hotel Plus Ximending TV

Cityinn Hotel Plus Ximending Bed

Cityinn Hotel Plus Ximending Biscoff

You would see that they have the same amenities as you would find in a full-scale hotel.  They have the minibar, television, safety deposit box, etc.  They even gave us free Biscoff when we arrived.

And now for the most important part, their bathroom.  I love how clean the bathroom looks.  The toilet and the shower area are separate and large enough that if someone is taking a shower, the others can use the toilet. Just let them know 😊.

Cityinn Hotel Plus Ximending Bathroom

Cityinn Hotel Plus Ximending Shower

Cityinn Hotel Plus Ximending Bathtub

Cityinn Hotel Plus Ximending Bathroom

The only problem with their room is the temperature.  We were not allowed to adjust the temperature on our own.  So we are either super cold or we feel that the room is not cold enough.  I would not say hot because it is not really hot but more of a normal temperature.  Other than that, the room is great.

Oh, one more thing, they only have 1 elevator so it is a bit small and sometimes there is a wait since not all of the guests can fit in.  The elevator is also being used by the housekeepers but not to worry, the housekeepers give way if they see someone is already inside or they go out even if they haven't arrived in their floors.

If you are in a budget and looking for a place near the shopping district and near a subway station then this is the hotel for you.  The staff is friendly and their location is safe.  Want to book a room?  Click here to book through Agoda.


ADDRESS: No. 63 Baoqing Rd. Zhongzheng District Taipei City (100 台北市中正區寶慶路63號)
PHONE NUMBER: +886 2 7725-2288
BOOK NOW: Click here to check the rates and book a room
NOTE: I wrote the Chinese names of the hotel and address so you can print it in case you need it when going to the hotel.
Already stayed at CityInn before?  I would love to hear about your experience.  Comment below.

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  1. This looks like a great hotel-stylish and I like the self-service amenities. I travel a lot so going to keep this in mind next time I decide to head this way. Thanks for posting the info in Mandarin too-so important!

    Trace x |

    1. Glad you like it. If you ever decide to stay there, let me know how it goes for you.