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By huayyu - 1/07/2020

Planning your Japan trip cannot be easy especially since Japan has one of the most complicated transportation plans but the easiest one to get around.  Here is one trivia for you guys:  Did you know that Japan has a Tax Exemption program to make the most out of shopping for tourists?  Curious?  Read on to find out more about Japan's Tax Refund.

Japan is one of my favorite shopping destinations as they have a lot of unique items.  From kawaii to amazing inventions to make life easier.  They seem to have it all.  Of course, since their items are of high-quality, the prices of their items are a bit expensive but worth to buy. Another reason to love shopping in Japan is the tax refund for foreign tourists.

In this post, I will show you how to get some of your money back by claiming the tax refund.  The most important thing for me that I love about Japan's tax refund is how they made it easier for us traveler's to claim it.  Some lines might be long but seeing as Japanese people are efficient in their work, it won't take too much of your time to process the refund.

Here are some tips and important pointers to take note:

1. Tax Refund Stations Within The Area

I mentioned that Japan made it easier for tourists to claim the tax refund.  Well, it is because that most of the tax refund stations are within the shopping area.  Unlike other countries where you can only get the tax refund at the airport, Japan tax refund centers are located somewhere within the shopping area so that travelers could easily make a refund immediately so that you would have money left for more shopping or food.  So don't forget to check the area or ask the shop if they have tax refund centers within the area.

2. Purchases That Total 5,000 Yen Or More Qualify For A Tax Refund

It may seem that 5,000 Yen is a lot but when you are shopping and you see lots of new things, you can easily reach the 5,000 Yen minimum.  My tip here is when you are shopping with friends, combine your purchases and then just split the tax refund.  Take note that this amount should be spent in a single store in a day.

3. Tax Refund Items Are Packaged

Now, this is one of the most important parts.  Most of the items that are being tax refunded are placed in a package and you can't use them in Japan.  So meaning, you can't open them until you are out of Japan.  These usually are cosmetics, candies, chocolates, etc.

4. For Foreign Visitors Only

Take note that this program is for foreign tourists only.

For more information, you may visit Japan's Tax Exemption Page.

I have also compiled a summary of the important things to take note of for Japan's Tax Refund.

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