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By huayyu - 1/22/2022


With popular companies like Huawei, Apple and Samsung, building their own ecosystem, you would probably think that only the accessories made by their own would be a good fit to their gadgets.  I rarely rave about an accessory because most of the time they only work well for a few months.  But this Baseus Stylus Pen is different.


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For me, buying an iPad would also mean buying all the accessories like a keyboard, pen, etc. just because it seems incomplete without these accessories.  The downside of buying from the original Apple accessories is that they are too expensive!!!  Just imagine having to buy an Apple Pencil worth Php7,000!!!  It might look cool to buy an original one because it works perfectly with the device but I just can't convince myself to buy it.  Luckily, there is an alternative and less expensive one that works just like the original Apple Pencil and that is Baseus Stylus.   

What I am looking for in a pen or stylus is it does not lag.  This one is non-negotiable.  Just imagine the experience of writing when it lags really bad.  I would probably get frustrated everyday!  Another thing is that it connects seamlessly with the tablet.  And the magnet of course, since I want it to look like the original without being too obvious.

Baseus Stylus checks all the marks of the things that I mentioned above.  What is more surprising is that it has a palm rejection which I super love.  Not every pen has this and this is something of an extra because it helps a lot when drawing.  

You can check out my unboxing of iPad Mini 6 video to see how the stylus writes.

Overall, this is one of the accessories I recommend the most when buying iPads.  You can buy this at around Php1,000+ .  Very affordable yet it functions the same as the original Apple Pencil.

BRAND: Baseus

NAME: Baseus Stylus Pen
PRICE: Php 1,400 (varies)

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