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By huayyu - 8/13/2016

Top 4 Must See Places in Busan

Busan is the second-largest city in South Korea.  It is also where the seafood is caught so you must try it while you are there.

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The first stop is the Oryukdo Islands.  It is where the Oryukdo Skywalk is located.  The Oryukdo Skywalk is near the edge of a cliff where the floor is glass and you could see the bottom of the cliff.  We boarded the blue line bus at the Busan Station and switched to the green line bus at the Yonghoman Boat Terminal.  It was raining and windy when we arrived at Busan.  I have read that they close the skywalk if the weather condition is bad. 

Top 4 Must See Places in Busan Oryukdo Skywalk

Top 4 Must See Places in Busan Skywalk

It was raining hard by the time that we arrived at the reception area of the Oryukdo Islands.  We had no choice but to turn back.  I was a bit disappointed as I was looking forward to walking in the Oryukdo Skywalk.  We had to walk quite a bit back to the bus station and since the winds are now blowing hard, my umbrella flipped over and it broke!  Luckily, I was already at the waiting shed.  This time we waited for the bus for at least 30 minutes!

The second stop is Haeundae Beach.  We still decided to go even though it is raining.  I told my friend that we could just wait and see if the rain will stop by the time we arrive at the beach.  If not we will have to go to a different location.

Top 4 Must See Places in Busan Haeundae Beach

Finally, the rain stopped and we saw a bit of sunlight!  Yes! We were going to Haeundae Beach!  We had a lot of fun strolling on the beach.  I could feel the wind in my face and it felt peaceful and refreshing.  We even saw someone surfing!!!  I think he or she was not affected by the cold weather at all.  One thing that I noticed is that there are a lot of birds on the beach and we had fun taking pictures with them and we even try to get near to them but they always fly away.

After our stroll at the beach, we decided to have lunch in the area as we saw a lot of restaurants.  Of course, we picked one that is an authentic Korean restaurant.  I don't know the name of the restaurant but the food is delish and we had no problem making the order.

Top 4 Must See Places in Busan Restaurant

Top 4 Must See Places in Busan Bibimbap

Top 4 Must See Places in Busan Stew

It is located just across the street from the bus station of the city tour.  After having lunch, we decided to have a dessert at a convenience store located near the shop.

Top 4 Must See Places in Busan Dessert

Time flies when you were having fun.  Before we knew it, it was already 1pm.

Third stop, Shinsegae Centum City Department Store.  According to Visit Korea website, it is registered as the world's largest shopping complex.  We didn't actually get to go around the whole shopping area as we didn't have enough time, we only went to the department store area and the grocery and tried out some of their food at the food court.

Top 4 Must See Places in Busan Shinsaegae Department Store

It was already late afternoon when left the Shinsegae.  We had to hurry as we want to see the Yonggungsa Temple.  Unfortunately, we were already late by the time we arrived at the Museum of Art/BECO stop.  We were told by the bus driver that we are riding the last bus.

Fourth stop, Jagalchi Market.  Since you cannot go to Busan and not eat seafood, we decided to go to Jagalchi Market instead.  From Jagalchi Station Subway Line 1, Exit 10.  Turn right to Jagalchi 3-gil St.  Walk for 5 mins, then turn left and you will see the Jagalchi Market (it is a building). 

We also thought that we were a bit late for the market as when we got to the Dried Seafood Market (the area is between Jagalchi Market and Lotte Department Store) most of the stalls were already closed.  However, when we got to the building itself, there are a lot of people and a lot of fresh seafood!!!  You would be able to enjoy strolling in the wet market place as there were a lot of interesting sea creatures.  Some of them, I have never seen before.

Top 4 Must See Places in Busan Jagalchi Market

Top 4 Must See Places in Busan Jagalchi Market

Top 4 Must See Places in Busan Jagalchi Market

Top 4 Must See Places in Busan Jagalchi Market

Top 4 Must See Places in Busan Jagalchi Market

Top 4 Must See Places in Busan Jagalchi Market

I am a crab lover and one look at that King Crab, I just fell in love with it! Just looking at it makes my mouth water.  When I asked for the price, as expected it was pretty expensive around 40,000 won.  If we bought that, then our dinner will just be that crab and nothing else.  We ended up having a blue crab and shrimps instead.  But still, it is very delicious and fresh!  We bought the live shrimps and crabs and have them cooked in the restaurant upstairs.

Top 4 Must See Places in Busan Jagalchi Market Restaurant

Top 4 Must See Places in Busan Jagalchi Market Restaurant

After eating, we walked around for a bit and we decided to go back to Busan Station to catch our train going back to Seoul.

Busan has a lot of great places to see.  If you would be going to Busan, I would suggest staying there for more than 2 days.  I regret that I didn't get to see some of their sights like the temple.  Next time I will visit Korea, I will definitely go back here and stay for at least a night to go to those places that I haven't had time to go.

Let me know your favorite Busan places in the comment section below.

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