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By huayyu - 8/12/2016

Getting Around Busan

Initially, we decided to stay overnight in Busan.  However, since the Korail Pass is unlimited for 1 day, we decided to have a day tour instead.  Check out my post on How To Travel To Busan From Seoul.

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We decide to take the early train (5:30AM) so we can maximize our time for our day trip to Busan.  We had to wake up at 3am to make sure we don't miss the train because we were told that they leave on time.  Surprise! Surprise! It is raining hard outside!  Just imagine the cold droplets from the rain and the 5 degrees temperature! (brrr....)  Since we don't have an umbrella, we had to find a way on how to go outside without getting wet.  Unfortunately, it is still very early and there is no one at the reception.  We took some pamphlets that the hotel has and use it to cover our heads and head to the nearest 7-11 (which is just across from the hostel) where we brought the umbrellas.

We took a taxi and arrived at the Seoul Station for at least an hour before our scheduled departure.  The inside of the station is just like an airport, very nice and neat.  A few restaurants / fast food are open and of course convenience store.  We had our breakfast at Baek Ro (not sure if this is the correct pronunciation).  I ordered a bowl of udon soup.  It was the perfect food for a very cold day.

Getting Around Busan Seoul Station

Getting Around Busan Seoul Station

After we ate, since there is still a few minutes before boarding, we looked around the train platform.  I must say I am really impressed with their transportation and the way it was laid out.  The fare may be a bit expensive but having a comfortable trip made it worthwhile.  It seems like the easiest way to go to the province from the city.  You will be able to avoid traffic.

Getting Around Busan Train

Waking up early has caught up with us.  We slept thru the whole ride and didn't even get to enjoy the scenery.

Upon arriving at the Busan Station, we immediately tried to find their hop on hop off tour (Busan BUTI).  We want to make it for the 9:15am bus.  Make sure it is the Busan BUTI City tour because there are other types of Busan City Tour.  If you search the web using Busan City Tour, a different loop will come up.  Of course, it will still depend on which course you preferred to take.  What I will be showing you is the Busan BUTI City Tour.  For more information about the other city tours, you may go to their official website:  

Source: City Tour Busan

For our day trip, we decided to go with the recommendation of the BUTI website with a few tweaks.  We took the Blue Line instead of the Red Line as the Blue Line leaves at around 9:15AM.

FIRST STOP: Oryukdo Island
SECOND STOP: Haeundae Beach
THIRD STOP: Centum City (we were supposed to go to the Haedong Yongungsa Temple but we ran out of time)

Our last stop that is not part of the BUTI tour is Jagalchi Market.

The City Tour station is located in front of Hotel Arirang in Busan Station Square.

Getting Around Busan BUTI
You can purchase the tickets from the bus driver upon boarding.  Lucky for us, there are only a few people who decided to join the City Tour.   We were given wrist tags that we could show every time that we ride the bus.

Getting Around Busan BUTI

Getting Around Busan BUTI

Getting Around Busan BUTI

Getting Around Busan BUTI

What's nice about BUTI is that you can see beautiful places in Busan without spending so much energy traveling.  The picture that I took below was taken from the bus while it was moving.

Getting Around Busan


        Adult: 15,000 won
        Child: 8,000 won 
           ***rates subject to change without prior notice


IMPORTANT: Please note that city tours are closed every Monday.

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