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By huayyu - 8/10/2016

Busan Station

Before going to Korea, I did some research about the train tickets going to Busan.  I did find a train ticket for KTX for foreigners, the Korail Pass.  Korail Pass is a discounted ticket that they offer for Foreign passengers.

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You can buy the tickets thru Korail Website or thru designated overseas travel agencies or thru Korail Travel Center in Seoul.  Since we were worried that the foreign exchange amount would go high if we used a credit card, we opted to go to the Korail Travel Center and ask if they are willing to accept cash.

Upon arriving at the Incheon Airport, we looked for the Korail Travel Center located at B1 of the Incheon Airport.  Unfortunately, they would only accept credit cards for Korail Pass.  We had no choice but to use the credit card because it is much expensive to get regular tickets.

Image Source: Korail Website (Rates subject to change without prior notice) Regular Tickets One-way

Image Source: Korail Website (Rates subject to change without prior notice) Korail Pass Ticket

Since we are two persons, we availed of the Saver (Group of 2 - 5 people).  We were then asked what day and what time we would like to leave and depart.  We were also asked for both our passports.  After the transaction, we received our tickets and we also received an email confirmation.

For those who will buy tickets online or thru overseas travel agencies, you would have to redeem your ticket at the Korail ticket booths.  You would need to make a reservation so that you could secure your seats.  The KTX trains going to Busan usually get fully booked.

For more details, you may visit Korail's website.


- High-Speed trains: KTX, KTX-Sancheon
- Conventional trains: ITX-Saemaeul, Saemaeul, Mugunhwa, Nuriro, ITX-Cheongchun
- Tourist trains: O-train, V-train, S-train, DMZ-train, A-train, Westgold-train
- Extra fees will be charged for the first-class seats.
- Invalid for METRO Service

You can now book KR Pass through Klook.  USE PROMO CODE: MOBILE10 to get HKD10 off on your first booking.  Applicable for the mobile app only.  Click here for more Klook Promo Codes.

Busan Station

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  1. Hi there! Would like to ask if I want to buy the Korail Pass, could I still book the KTX with the pass before I reach Korea?

    1. Hi Tan Ting,

      Yes, if you bought the pass online then you can purchase the tickets online in advance at least 1 month before the departure date. Just go to My Reservation. You just need to enter the email address that you use and the password and you need to enter the Korail Pass number. Just make sure to select the correct date. Details are subject to change so make sure to check out their website before purchasing the pass. Hope this helps.

  2. Anonymous8/25/2023

    hello. the klook korea rail pass saver (group 2 to 5) does it mean it is good up to 5 people? or do you need to pay the 72,000 each?