App Review | Get Klookd or Get Krookd?: My Klook Experience

By huayyu - 12/08/2017

Every time that there is a new app with discounts, we all wonder if it is too good to be true.  We all doubt those apps because we are afraid of getting our hard-earned money scammed.  We would always look for reviews or those who have experienced buying in those apps for advice.  Look no further, read on to know my experience with Klook app.

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One of the reasons why we decided to try Klook was because we were looking for a way to buy Universal Studios Japan (USJ) ticket.  Most of the stories we heard about USJ at that time was that the line is very long and that we would need to be there really early if we want to go to all their attractions.

We started checking out reviews for those who bought tickets thru Klook.  We were actually worried if the ticket that we will buy would be accepted.  What if on the day that we went to the park, the staff will tell us that it won't be accepted.  Will we waste our money and our time in buying the tickets and then get disappointed?  

What made us decide to go through with it was the reviews from various sources saying that they didn't have any problems and that all they bought was the ticket.  Plus the fact that they had a promo at that time which is for a minimum of USD180 spend we would get USD18 less.  Not bad for a promo and we did the calculations and it will cost less if we buy thru Klook than thru USJ.

We registered on their website thru either a Facebook account or email address.  Of course, it would be easier to register thru Facebook.

Once registered, we selected the USJ ticket 1-day entrance pass.  This ticket does not include the Express Pass and the timed entry ticket for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  Don't mind the price in the below picture.  I forgot to take a screenshot when we were buying the tickets.

Before we confirmed the booking, we made sure that we are all okay with their no cancellation policy.

 We made the booking and waited for the confirmation thru email as per instruction.

Here is the confirmation e-mail that we received.  Note that the price is in peso but the payment will be settled in USD as per the order summary below.

Here is the part of the ticket.  We just printed this out and made sure not to fold the part with QR Code.

So what happened on the day of our trip to USJ?  Yes, it is true that there were a lot of people and the line is so long.  And yes, the ticket from Klook worked!!! The staff just scanned the QR Code at the entrance.

We enjoyed the whole day at USJ and avoided being hassled by falling in line to buy the ticket.  Plus we get to have a discount.

Verdict?  Yes, you would Klook is legit.  I would definitely recommend this to DIY travelers.

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Got something to share that you experienced with Klook.  Comment below.

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  1. Great. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks. You should try this app sometimes when you visit Asia.

  2. Wow thats so awesome! Glad you had an awesome trip! (:

    1. It was a fun trip. Though I am not sure if I ever want to go back to Universal Studios Japan again. This theme park is not for the faint heart. I am more of a Disney theme park kind of a gal.

  3. Anonymous12/10/2017

    Never heard of Klookd before. Interesting!

    1. It is actually just Klook without the d in the end. You should try it our when visiting Asia. Definitely a useful app.

  4. Anonymous12/10/2017

    I’ve never heard of it before but I will definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Your welcome. You should try it when visiting Asia.