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By huayyu - 12/17/2017

If people will ask me what is the healthiest thing that I eat today, I most probably will say none.  I so love junk food.  You name it, from chips to soda to fast food (McDonald's fries!!!).  I know I needed to change my lifestyle habits.  I need to eat a balanced diet and at least get 8 hours of sleep a day (only get 5 hours weekdays - Gasp! Eye bags!)  This is the reason why I decided to try Fit Kitchen PH.

Disclaimer: Logo and package are from the Fit Kitchen PH website.

After all the long hours at work and the traffic that I encounter every day, I only want to lie down when I get home.  I don't want to stress myself of how I need to think of what to eat and prepare for the next day.  I am too tired for that.
I learned about Fit Kitchen PH thru Richard and Ashley Yap's Instagram account.  I told myself to try it for at least a week and see what happens.  By the way, I am a very picky eater.  Even the smell of the food bothers.  I don't eat anything that smells and looks weird.  Plus I also don't eat vegetables (only selected few) so I am not sure if this will even work or if that I will be able to stick to it.

I visited their website to learn more about what they offer.  I am checking if they are affordable because I need to know if they will fit my budget.

Here are the packages that they offer:

Since I am trying to lose weight, I decided to get their Slim Down 1,500 kcal.  I can't go for the 1,200 kcal because my body is not used to lower calorie count.  I placed the order on a Thursday and they confirmed around Friday evening.  Initially, they are requiring full payment on Saturday but since there are no banks near us that are open and I don't have an online account, I asked if they could move the deadline of the payment to Monday instead and they agreed (very accommodating).

Below is the menu that I received for one week.  Unfortunately, I don't have the picture for the snacks and the last dinner.

The food tastes good.  Not your usual "diet" food.  I am very picky so there is some food that I don't like.  But if you are a "normal" (meaning you can eat anything except for intestines) person then this is for you.  There was one food, Kare Kare Bangus, where I hesitated to try it because for one I really don't eat Kare Kare and fish usually smells "fishy".  Surprisingly, it tastes really good.

There are two things that I wish they would provide: spoon and fork and bowl.  I bring the food to my office and sometimes I would forget to bring utensils and there are no bowls for their soup.  The Sinampalukan Manok with rice ended up being a congee.  I had to put the soup together with the rice.

Overall, their food and service are great.  If you want to lose weight or eat healthily or just living alone and don't want to cook then I would recommend this to you.

By the way, I was not able to stick with the meal plan because I am a very picky eater and I ended up not finishing some of the meals and getting hungry.  I have acid reflux so I can't get hungry as it might trigger the reflux.  I guess I have to find another way to eat healthily.


CONTACT NUMBER: +63 917 880-9026 | +63 2 957-8011
ORDER NOW: Click here to see rates and order now.
NOTE: Order ahead of the week so that you could still email them the deposit slip by Friday.
Tried Fit Kitchen PH?  I love to hear about your experience with them.  Comment below.

Fit Kitchen PH | Healthy Eating

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