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By huayyu - 5/11/2018

Hotel Amenities

This is my first time writing a Noteworthy article for my blog.  Hopefully, you guys would enjoy reading them.  This is mostly about what I read about travel or food-related stuff.  Lately, I have noticed that there are a lot of articles about how hotels are finding ways to conserve the environment and save money by changing tiny shampoo bottles to wall-mounted bulk shampoo dispenser.  Interested?  Read on.

During the early times when people invented things to make our lives easier, they forgot to think about ways on how to dispose of these products in the long term.  Where I live, I see piles and piles of garbage in the streets, mostly plastics.  Lately, I realize that we are throwing out more plastics than our planet could take.  It would take forever (unless recycled) to dispose of those plastics, shampoo bottles included.

Two of the world's largest hotel companies have announced that they would slowly start replacing tiny shampoo bottles to wall mounted shampoo dispenser.  And the reaction of the travelers is mixed.  Some are agreeing to this especially big families because they won't have to ask for extra shampoos anymore but some disagree and said it makes the hotels look "cheap".

Imagine that there are millions of hotel rooms in the world and each room has a bottle per day, so that means there are a million of shampoo bottles being discarded in a day.  In my opinion, I think it is great these hotels are thinking about protecting the environment through as simple as changing the way on how they provide the bathroom amenities.  For those who are aware of the environmental issues that we have, this is great news.  I, myself don't care if they dispense it in a larger bottle if it means that we would be able to help the environment.   

Though, some disagree with this idea mainly because they won't be able to bring a "souvenir" back home.  Why not bring an empty bottle for your trip and just dispense the shampoo to your empty bottle.  Oh no!  Maybe I shouldn't have said that.  Scratch that. You did not hear that from me.  Anyways, I think we should educate people on how to take care of our environment (more importantly why) even as simple as this.  Plus, you still get the same service and amenities just in a different way.

The bottom line, I totally agree with what the hotels are trying to achieve.  Hopefully, they would be successful and other hotel companies would follow their lead.

Hotel Amenities | Shampoo Bottles

Do you agree or disagree with my post?  I love to hear your comments below.

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