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By huayyu - 6/22/2018

Marriott Cafe

If you have been able to read my previous posts, you would know by now that I am a fan of lobsters, crabs, and shrimps.  I am always trying to find a buffet place where they serve real lobsters. What I mean by real lobsters is the one that has big claws and what you normally see in pictures when you search for a lobster (with big claws).  I have been trying to find a buffet restaurant at serves that kind of lobster and guess what?  I found it!!!

Yes, that is correct.  I finally found that lobster that I have been looking for and it is available at Marriott Cafe every Monday until July 9, 2018 only.

Marriott Cafe Lobster

Marriott Cafe Lobster

The first time I saw this post, I said to my sister that we have to try this because it seems like it is the real deal based on the pictures of other bloggers.  We already got disappointed once with a lobster promo buffet that my sister is a bit hesitant to try this.  Glad that I was able to convince her and also because we used Eatigo again so we were able to get a 30% discount.  Check out my Eatigo Review.

We booked it at least 2 weeks in advance and the earliest slot available was 8:00PM which was fine with us.  We didn't have a hard time finding a parking space but when we got to the restaurant, we did not expect to see a lot of people.  One of the guests of the hotel even had to wait since they are full and there is no guarantee when the diners would finish.  My suggestion, even if you are not booking through Eatigo, is to reserve in advance especially if you are a big group.

We were a bit early for our reservation but they were able to accommodate us.  I love how friendly their staff is.  As soon as we walked inside the restaurant, we saw the Dessert Station immediately and it all looks delicious and fresh.

Marriott Cafe Chocolate Fountain

Marriott Cafe Fruits

Marriott Cafe Cakes

Marriott Cafe Breads

Of course, after being seated, I went to look for the Lobsters since I was really excited.  Unfortunately, because the place is really packed, the Lobster Station is already empty so we had to wait for them to replenish it. A line was already forming since a lot of people were waiting for the lobsters.  I decided to just go around the buffet stations first then go back to the lobsters once there were fewer people.

Marriott Cafe

There is a lot of international food available like Dimsum, Pasta, Roast Pork, etc.  I was just a bit disappointed because there was no steak being served.  Usually, when we go to hotel restaurants for buffet, steaks are included.  Not sure if it was because there is already a lobster that they are compensating for the price.

For foreigners staying or visiting the place, I would recommend you try one of my favorite dishes here Bulalo.  The meat is so tender that it like melts in your mouth (definitely a must-try).

Marriott Cafe Roast Pork Loin

Marriott Cafe Grill

Marriott Cafe Roast Chicken

Marriott Cafe Pasta

Marriott Cafe Bulalo

Marriott Cafe Dimsum

Marriott Cafe Pika Pika

They also offer fresh seafood like Mussels, Shrimps, etc. which you could bring to the cooking stations and have it cooked to your preferred dish.  Again, because there are a lot of people, I was not able to get shrimps the first time I saw it and had to wait.

Marriott Cafe Seafood

Now back to the Lobsters, I finally had a chance to get the Lobsters and have them cooked to different dishes like Baked, Chili Garlic, Sweet Chili and Salt and Pepper.  Can you guess which is my recommended dish?

Marriott Cafe Sweet Chili Lobster

Marriott Cafe Chili Garlic Lobster

Marriott Cafe Salt and Pepper Lobster

Marriott Cafe Baked Lobster

Have you guessed it?  My recommended dish is the Sweet Chili.  The sauce is really good.  Hands down to the Chef who made the dish.  It was so good that I even had the Shrimps cooked in the same way.  Just go to the Asian Station to have the Shrimps, Lobsters, etc cooked Sweet Chili style.

Marriott Cafe Sweet Chili Shrimps

There was another Lobster dish that we wanted to try, Lobster Thermidor but the Chef said that they would only be able to cook the dish if we won a stuffed lobster toy in the claw machine.  Since we are not experts with this type of arcade game, we lost and were not able to get the Lobster Thermidor.  You can ask the service staff for tokens to play this game (It is free and fun even if we didn't win).

Marriott Cafe Claw Machine

Looked at the Lobsters that we ate!  I can't believe I was able to eat that many!

Marriott Cafe Lobster

Lastly, Dessert.  My favorite is the gelato and I recommend the flavor Dolce Latte and Hazelnut Nutella.  Definitely, a must after all that Lobster and you want a different taste.  If gelatos are not your thing then I would suggest the Halo-halo.

Marriott Cafe Gelato

Marriott Cafe Halo Halo

Lobster Mondays at Marriott Cafe is a must-try for Lobster lovers.  Their Lobsters are so fresh and for only Php1,950 nett (lunch or dinner) you get to have Unlimited Lobsters.  Plus the food is really delicious.  The promo is only until July 9, 2018.

One thing though, you must reserve a table in advance as there really are a lot of people.  If you can, try reserving during lunchtime to avoid crowds and wait time.  The only downside during dinner is the turn over of the dishes.  They can't seem to serve dishes fast since a lot of people are lining up to get food.  Other than that I love that their staff is friendly and helpful.  Though there was also a wait time in calling their attention since they are everywhere (meaning they can't get up to speed with the clearing of tables and granting guest's requests).

Marriott Cafe - Manila Marriott Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato LOBSTER MONDAYS AT MARRIOTT CAFE

ADDRESS: Ground Floor, Manila Marriott Hotel, 2 Resort Drive, Newport City, Pasay City
PHONE NUMBER: +63 2 988-9999
OPENING HOURS: 12:00NN to 2:30PM (Lunch) | 6:00PM to 10:30PM (Dinner)

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Already been to Marriott Cafe?  Let me know how it went.  Comment down below.

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