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By huayyu - 6/08/2018

Metro Hotel Myeongdong

This is one of the best hotels that we discovered when we planned to visit South Korea.  The first time we went here was about 4 or 5 years ago and at that time the place looked old but the location is very good and the staff is very friendly.  I am happy to hear that it has been renovated.
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The last time that we were there, the front desk was on the ground floor.  But since it was renovated, their front desk is now located on the 9th Floor.  Not to worry, there is one elevator that leads straight to the 9th floor.

I love how their lobby looked.  Nothing too fancy.  It just feels cozy which is what I really like in a hotel.

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Reception

They also have a massage chair to help you relax your tired muscles from all the shopping that you did.

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Lounge

I remembered that I want to take a picture of the Front Desk when there are fewer people but somehow in all the excitement, I forgot.  So I don't have a picture of the front desk.  What I do have is their operational hours.  Unlike a regular hotel (especially an international one) where the Front Desk or hotel staff is available 24 hours, they are only available from 7:00AM to 11:00PM.  However, if you have an emergency and I mean real emergency, there is a security guard below or you could dial 100 from the room phone.

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Operating Hours

The room that we reserved is a Family Twin room which is good for 4 persons.  Their Family Rooms include access to the Pantry Room.  Take note that not all rooms have a shower cubicle.  You can check out below to see those rooms that have a shower cubicle.

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Rates

Their Family Twin room has two queen beds but it is still spacious enough to place an extra bed.  I also think that the size of the room is big because it is an accessible room (meaning wheelchairs are allowed inside).  They have a ramp going to the bathroom and the bathroom has both shower cubicle and a bathtub.  Not sure though if all their Family Twin Rooms are accessible rooms.

The amenities inside the room are complete.  They have air-condition/heater, TV, refrigerator, minibar, toiletries, and even a humidifier and a smartphone!

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Beds

Metro Hotel Myeongdong TV

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Bathroom

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Desk

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Bathtub

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Minibar

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Shower

Their Pantry Room is located on the 2nd Floor.  They have a microwave, vending machines, a dining area, and water and ice dispenser.  They also have a balcony which is a very good place to relax since the location of the hotel is quiet enough for it to feel peaceful.

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Terrace

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Terrace

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Balcony

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Vending Machine

I am also amazed by how Koreans love their skincare products.  This is the first time that I have seen a vending machine that sells cosmetics.

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Cosmetics

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Cosmetics

One thing that I also discovered is how they thought of every convenient thing for their guests.  They do have a PC Corner where you could search or print.  But they also have a PC on every floor so that you don't have to go up to the 9th floor just to use the computer.

Metro Hotel Myeongdong PC Corner

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Computer

Now for the second most important part that we love in a hotel, FOOD! Their rates include breakfast and it is open from 7:00AM.  They call their breakfast area, The Clubhouse.  The breakfast area is spacious enough but I recommend you go there early as sometimes all the guests eat at the same time.  They only have 1 long table and the rest and tables fixed in the wall.

They offer a variety of food but my favorite is their beef bulgogi.  It is definitely recommended and best paired with steamed rice.  I also love the Del Monte Orange and Grape Juice that I always drink at least 2 or 3 packs of it

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Breakfast Menu

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Dining Area

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Juice

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Pancake

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Cereal

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Salad

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Potato

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Bulgogi

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Eggs

Metro Hotel Myeongdong Breakfast

The staff is friendly and very helpful.  I definitely recommend this place especially if you have senior citizens with you (parents or grandparents?).  Their location is very near the bus stop and a few walk away from the main shopping street.  Not only that but there is a 7-11 store on the ground floor and a supermarket on the other side of the building.  If they don't have the energy to go for long sightseeing then they could just roam around near the hotel.  There is a lot to see.


ADDRESS: 14 Myeongdong 9ga-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul 04534, South Korea
PHONE NUMBER: +82 2 752 1112
BOOK NOW: Click here to check the rates and book a room.
Stayed at Metro Hotel Myeongdong before?  I would love to hear about your experience.  Comment down below.

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