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By huayyu - 9/26/2018

Soru Izakaya

Thanks to Zomato PH, I got to try another restaurant, Soru Izakaya!  Soru Izakaya is a modern Japanese restaurant that is located at Burgos Circle in BGC, Taguig.

As a person who doesn't really like raw food, I took my chance again in this Zomato invite.  I have never tried any Maki or Sushi before because I am sensitive to "fishy" smells and I know that raw food would have a "fishy" smell plus I am afraid of getting a stomach ache afterward.  For me, both Maki and Sushi are the same and that they used raw food in preparing them (Weird right? Even if people tell me that there is no raw food in it, I still refused to eat it).  Surprise! Surprise! I tried my very first Maki and it tasted great!  It seems like every time Zomato invited me for a Foodie Meet-Up, I always get a chance to taste food that I would not usually try.

I know that most people today are always on their Instagram or Facebook.  It seems that we take pictures every chance we get.  Not only of ourselves but also food.  If you are looking for a restaurant with a very Instgramable food shot then look no further.  Soru Izakaya's plating deserves to be on Instagram.  They are famous for their art plated Maki which you would have fun taking pictures and eating.  But don't take too long in taking pictures though, your friends might get annoyed about waiting just to take a bite of their delectable Makis.

Did your mobile phone run out of battery while taking pictures?  No worries.  They have a power bank at every table.  You might not notice it at first because it seems like an advertisement box.  Now, you can charge your phone anytime.

Soru Izakaya Power Bank

Below is the food that was served to us and my recommendations for the best dishes that I tried.

  • POKE BOWL PHP 290.00 (Tuna and Salmon with Mango, Cucumber, and Lettuce)
Soru Izakaya Poke Bowl

  • SPICY MAGURO SALAD PHP 290.00 (Tuna Sashimi Cubes and Tempura Flakes)
Soru Izakaya Spicy Maguro Salad

  • ABURI MORIAWASE PHP 480.00 (Assorted Platter of Aburi)
Soru Izakaya Aburi Moriawase

  • LAVA MAKI PHP 380.00 (Salmon Skin and Tamago)
Soru Izakaya Lava Maki

  • SPIDER MAKI PHP 380.00 (Soft Shelled Crab, Mango, and Nori):  This is the Maki that I have tried and I was so proud of myself for trying it.  The sauce was a little bit spicy but it has just enough kick for it to compliment the Soft Shelled Crab.  I would recommend this for those who haven't tried or are scared to try Maki.   
Soru Izakaya Spider Maki

  • AVOCADO MAKI PHP 480.00 (Unagi Tempura, Cream Cheese, Mango and Avocado)
Soru Izakaya Avocado Maki

  • UDON CARBONARA PHP 450.00 (Udon Noodles, Salmon, Shitake Mushroom and Wasabi Cream Sauce): This is one of my most recommended dishes at Soru Izakaya.  As you all probably know by now, I really don't like "fishy" smell and that is one of the reasons why I don't eat Salmon.  To my surprise, the Salmon that is included in this dish does not smell "fishy" at all.  It is my first time to actually enjoy Salmon and I'm glad that I got to try this dish.  It was so good that I had taken another small serving.  Definitely, a must-try.
Soru Izakaya Udon Carbonara

  • COLD SOBA PHP 180.00 (Buckwheat Noodles, Soft Tofu, Enoki, and Ebi Tempura)
Soru Izakaya Cold Soba

  • NORI TEMPURA 8 PCS PHP 520.00 
Soru Izakaya Nori Tempura

  • WAGYU STEAK PHP 990.00 (Wagyu and Mixed Vegetables)
Soru Izakaya Wagyu Steak

  • MISO RIBS PHP 280.00 (Baby Back Ribs):  Miso Ribs is another dish that I recommend.  I love how the way they marinated the ribs.  It has that sticky taste that you would want in your barbecue.  Who cares if other diners saw you eating with your hands.  
Soru Izakaya Miso Ribs

  • TIRAMISU PHP 220.00
Soru Izakaya Tiramisu

  • MATCHA CHEESECAKE PHP 260.00:  Definitely a must for Matcha lovers.
Soru Izakaya Matcha Cheesecake

  • RISING SUN TAKOYAKI PHP 180.00 (Cream Cheese, Ganache, Peanuts, Strawberry and Diced Peach):  Who knew that you could create a Takoyaki dessert?  My first time to see this kind of dessert and it tastes so good.  You just thought that there is a lot of stuff mixed in together and that it might taste weird but I don't.  All of the ingredients taste good together.
Soru Izakaya Rising Sun Takoyaki

Final say?  I would be coming back here again.  I love how Soru Izakaya combined Traditional and Modern Japanese Cuisine with art.  

Do you have other dishes that you love at Soru Izakaya?  Comment down below.

Soru Izakaya Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato SORU IZAKAYA (BGC BRANCH)

ADDRESS: Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
PHONE NUMBER: +63 2 246-9069 EXT. 875
OPENING HOURS: 11:00AM to 11:00PM

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