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By huayyu - 10/03/2018

One of the most visited theme parks in Japan, Universal Studios.  When we were finally sure that we were going to Japan, my sister told me that we MUST go to Universal Studios because she wanted to go and experience the Harry Potter ride.
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When I started my research about Universal Studios Japan, what I came up with is that there are a lot of people and that the problem is the lines to the ride.  I had to do more thorough research on what we need to do so that we could enjoy Universal Studios Japan more.

Here are my guide plus tips on going to Universal Studios Japan.  Take note that these are based on my experiences.

  • TICKETS:  The first question that most of you will ask is "Where do you buy tickets?"  Initially, we did think of buying it on site but we were afraid that there will be a long line since I read in some blogs that there is always a long queue either going in the theme park or going for the rides.  Since we don't want to line up for the tickets anymore, we decided to buy it through Klook App (You can check out my guide to Klook App here.)  Because it is much more convenient than waiting in line for the tickets.  You just need the Klook voucher upon entering.  You can directly book the Universal Studios Ticket through Klook here or below.
  • ENTERING THE THEME PARK:  Some of the blogs that you might read would want you to rush first to the Harry Potter site because the queue will be very long.  My suggestion, don't rush to that site.  Everyone will be going there.  Go to the opposite where there are fewer people.  You will be able to get on most rides faster and by the time you go back to the Harry Potter, most of them already finished the ride and they would have left for the other rides.  I am saying this because when we entered the theme park, we were running (along with other people) to Harry Potter rides.  Check out my video below.  Crazy right?  But my sister went back again in the afternoon and she was in and out of the ride in just less than 30 minutes.

  • FOOD:  If you are on a budget, I suggest you eat before going in.  When we arrived, we ordered McDonald's first and then eat while in line.  Food inside is very expensive so if you are on a budget, you can eat after you have visited Universal Studios Japan, which is what we did.
  • EXPRESS PASS:  Do you really need the express pass?  Well, for us, since we are on a budget, we didn't get one and when we got there, we realized that we didn't need one.  This one I can't guarantee.  I think you would need to check if you are going on a super peak season that you might need the pass for Harry Potter or other rides.  But if you think that you need to purchase those Express Pass, you can purchase it below.   
  • WARNING NOTICE:  Okay, this is pretty important.  Please heed the warning notices on the rides.  Universal Studios' rides are a bit extreme than Disneyland.  When they say 4D, the chairs would really move like a rollercoaster.  So warning for those with vertigo, motion sickness, etc.  I didn't heed the warnings because I thought that it was like those other 4D movies you watch in Disney.  I was so scared that I couldn't stop screaming and I got so dizzy that when the ride stopped, my knees felt weak.  I am not a fan of fast rides so I thought that this is just like watching a movie.   

There you have it, my ultimate guide to Universal Studios Japan.  I hope the tips that I wrote here helped you in planning your trip.

Do you have other tips that you want to share?  Comment below.

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