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By huayyu - 10/13/2018

Seascape Village

Seascape Village is a newly built "dampa" inside the CCP Complex near Sofitel Manila.

Thanks to Zomato Philippines and Nestle Professional Philippines, I got invited to experience Food Crawl at Seascape Village.

So what is "dampa"?  It technically means a hut in Filipino language.  But it is used to refer to a complex or a space with restaurants and wet/dry market inside.

So the concept is to buy seafood, meat or fruits in the market and go to one of the restaurants and have your items prepared with your choice of the type of dish.  This is called "paluto".

For me, Seascape Village is more of a bit high end in terms of it being a "dampa".  Because of the way they built the wet market, it is clean and the restaurants are nicely positioned in the complex.

Here below you will see the wet and dry market.  It is a bit small but clean.

Seascape Village Wet Market

Seascape Village Wet Market

Seascape Village Fruit Stands

Since Seascape Village is near the bay, it has a beautiful view of the sunset.  Currently, there is ongoing construction in the back area of the complex.  But once it is finished, you would get to experience the sunset while dining.

Seascape Village

Seascape Village

One thing though that I want to suggest to them is that they should also place signage coming from the Sofitel side.  For those who would go here for the first time, it might get confusing on where Seascape Village is located.  Because the first thing that you would see coming from the Sofitel side is a parking lot.  So for those who would like to visit, they are located literally beside Sofitel (if you are facing Sofitel - left side).  You would see a parking lot, just walk straight towards the parking lot and you would see the building.  You could commute going to Seascape Village via the orange jeepney which goes through the CCP Complex.

I will give you a summary of our Food Crawl like my favorite and recommended dish per restaurant.  If you want more details, you may click on the link to the post.

Seascape Village Buttered Cereal Shrimp

Seascape Village Lava Lobster

Seascape Village Crab in Salted Egg with Salted Egg Floss

Seascape Village Gyoza

Seascape Village Sinigang sa Miso

I had so much fun with Seascape Village Food Crawl.  The food and ambiance are great.  I would definitely come back here.  Especially once the constructions are fully finished.  

Been to Seascape Village?  I love to hear your stories.  Comment below.

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