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By huayyu - 5/24/2019

Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Summer is already here!!!  Already have plans to go on your next vacation?  If you haven't, check out one of my recommended resorts that will surely rejuvenate you.  Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Davao, Philippines.  Curious?  Continue reading to know how this beautiful resort will help you re-energize.  Away from all the stress of work and noise from the city.

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When you think of going to a beach in the Philippines, I bet the number one you can think of is Boracay.  Probably because of its wonderful white sand.  Honestly, I haven't been to Boracay since they rehabilitated the place.  And for me, it is so overrated that it is now full of people.  Not much different from the city.  Personally, the reason why I go to the beach is for healing, re-energizing and leaving all the stress behind.

While researching for a new place to go, we stumbled upon Pearl Farm Beach Resort.  Just one look at the place and I said we need to go there.  We usually book in advance so that we could still have time to save money as the place is a bit expensive but definitely worth it.

They offer promos and luckily, we were eligible for the promo.  We got their Luxury Escape Promo.

Here are the inclusions of the Luxury Escape Promo (promo until Dec 2019).
  • Roundtrip Airport and Boat Transfers (for paying guests)
  • Buffet Breakfast
  • Buffet Dinner
  • Weekend Buffet Lunch (available on Fridays and Saturdays)
  • Welcome Amenities
  • Wi-Fi access (in-room and common areas)
  • 10% discount on Aqua Sports
  • 10% discount on Massage (1 hr for paying guest)

***Note inclusions are subject to change.

Pearl Farm Beach Resort is located in Samal Island near Davao City.  So you would need to ride a boat approximately about 45 minutes from Pearl Farm Marina in Davao to the resort.  Arriving at the Marina, you would need to have all your luggage inspected (the old fashioned way) and pre-check-in.

Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Be sure to arrive earlier or on time as these boat transfers are scheduled.  As per the resort policy, guests are asked to arrive 30 minutes before the departure time.  There are only two scheduled boat transfers from the Marina to the Resort (vice versa).
  • Resort to Marina: 8:30 AM
  • Marina to Resort: 10:00 AM
  • Resort to Marina: 1:00 PM
  • Marina to Resort: 2:00 PM
If your flight falls out of these scheduled transfers, you may opt to get a Special Boat Transfer for a fee of Php 9,750 per way.  Take note that for night time, a maximum of 8 adults is only allowed in the boat.  

Once you are done with the check-in process, you can wait in a coffee shop inside the Marina or roam around and take pictures.

So one of my worries when I was told that the boat travel time is 45 minutes, is getting seasick or vertigo due to waves.  I was so glad that the boat turned out to be bigger than what I imagined and life vests plus staff are looking out for us guests.

The only downside is that when we were going back to the Marina (check-out day), they made us wait in the boat for more than 30 minutes that I started getting dizzy because at that time the waves are really strong.  I am not sure if we are waiting for other guests as well.  They should have let us board the boat once all the guests arrived so that we won't get dizzy and feel sick to the stomach because not all of the guests have the stomach to stay in a still boat for so long. 

Another reason to love this resort is its super welcoming and friendly staff.  As soon as you step on the resort, you will be greeted with warm smiles, welcome drinks to cool you off and a wet towel.

There was a mini-orientation about the resort facilities and the staff was assigned to us to bring us and conducted a tour inside the room.  Since the resort is big, they have golf carts available to use.  You could call one from your room or the front desk or ask anyone from the staff.

The room that we reserved was the Mandaya House.  These are two adjoining bungalows with a balcony or front porch.  It has easy access to the game room and the pool.  By the way, the pool near the Mandaya House is very cold.  Probably because it is surrounded by trees and get less sunlight.

Since there are three of us, we requested two beds and an extra bed.  It was a typical hut type room but once you went inside the room, you will be amazed at how clean and good the room looks.  I especially like the bathroom since it is big and the toilet and shower are separate so it means that we would not be waiting for turns if we just want to use the toilet or the shower.

They even have extra bolsters that we could use.  One thing I also like is that the toothbrushes that they gave out are made of bamboo (less plastic waste!).  As for their amenities, you would see the usual amenities that all 5-star hotels have like minibar, etc.

Now, this is the best part of why I am really impressed with their service.  Aside from the very welcoming treatment, we received upon arriving on the island.

We all know that stuff happens all the time.  There are chances that not everything in your vacation will go as planned.  One example is how we had to change rooms a few hours after arriving.  It happened because my sister discovered something falling on her bed (which looks like little insects).  At first, she keeps on brushing it but it keeps appearing.  We then called housekeeping to have it checked and the staff said that there must be a hole in the roof.  They were honest enough to let us know what the problem is and in a matter of minutes they were able to resolve it.  I didn't even felt that I waited at all for the room change that happened.  They just said that they needed to clean the room first and that the bed would now be a king-sized bed which is okay with us.  Even when stuff like this happened, you won't get upset because there are an immediate solution and the biggest part in letting us know what is happening.   The fact that they did not try to hide that there is a hole in the roof is a brave approach on their part.  Some hotels even 5-star hotels might try to hide it.

Since this is an island, there is only a limited place where you could go.  But you would definitely enjoy taking leisure walks.  Below are the pictures that I took and they look like they are postcard pictures.  And I am not even a professional photographer.  This place is just what I imagined it would be. Peaceful. 

One of the "most important" amenities that you might look for would be Wi-fi.  They do offer it but it doesn't have a stable signal that we might be used to but it is enough to do the usual stuff like messaging and posting pictures.  For me, it is not a problem since I am looking for a place to re-energize and get away from all the stress which means also disconnecting from social media.

Aside from the Main Resort area, they also have another neighboring island where the Malipano Villas are located.  Boat shuttle service to and from the Malipano Villas are free.  However, these villas are exclusive.  You could roam the area but you cannot swim in the beach near the villas as these are exclusive for those who occupy these villas.

Interested in having a beach wedding?  They also have a church in Malipano Island.  It is also a good place to have a pre-nuptial photo shoot.

Of course, we can't forget the food!  For me, the food is okay.  Nothing too special.  They have all the common food that you will see in a resort or hotel like bacon, eggs, etc.  There is only one restaurant in the resort, Maranao Restaurant.  It is located near the pool.

Here is the food for Breakfast.  They offer fruits, eggs, bread, bacon and of course local dishes like tapa, puto, kutsinta, etc.

Below is the food for Dinner.  They have spring roll, baked fish, beef mushroom, peppered shrimp, pasta, etc.  I love the beef mushroom and peppered shrimp.  Perfect in pairing with plain rice.

Both Breakfast and Dinner are a buffet and included in the package.  Since Lunch is not included, we decided to order Fisherman's Salu-Salo which includes Grilled Tuna Jaw, Steamed Shrimps, Grilled Squid, Baked Clams, Seafood Rice, Seaweed Salad and Grilled Vegetables with salted egg, pickled papaya, tomatoes and green mango for only Php 1,960 which is good for 4 persons.  I also ordered an additional Pearl Farm Burger for Php440.  A bit expensive but not surprising since these are hotel rates.

If you don't want to swim at the beach, they do have two pools.  The one near the restaurant (closes late) and the one near Mandaya House (closes at around 5pm).  We prefer the one near the restaurant as it is an infinity pool and also because of the great view.

Even though the beach is a bit small, it is clean and not a lot of people swim so it doesn't feel crowded.  The best time to swim is around 10am.  If you swim too early, the tide is still low.  Not good for swimming.  And if it is in the afternoon, the sun is too hot that you will get burned easily.

Overall, I really love their service and accommodation.  This is definitely recommended for those who want to de-stress and rejuvenate.

Watch my walk tour video of the Pearl Farm.


ADDRESS: Bo. Adecor, Katipunan District, Island Garden City of Samal
PHONE NUMBER: +63 82 235-1234 to 36
BOOK NOW: Click here to check the rates and book a room

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