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By huayyu - 11/08/2019

Binondo is not all about Chinese food.  I discovered a small coffee shop near Binondo Church which offers great food and cheesecake! Read on to find out more about Cafe Aquatica.

My first impression is that I thought this is actually a pet fish store because they displayed so many aquariums outside.  Well, it is true that it is a pet fish store, it also offers food and drinks.

I love their concept because the inside is peaceful and you can get your coffee, snack or lunch fix while watching fishies swim by.  Recommended going after strolling around the bustling Divisoria or 168 Mall.  You could rest and have delicious food before going home.

My friends and I went here for lunch so we didn't get any coffee.  Here are what we ordered:


I initially thought that these would be the usual Bagnet or what we call "Lechon Kawali" but I was wrong.  The Bagnet was more sliced like bacon and cooked until very crispy and the best part, it is not too oily.


I have been craving oil-based pasta for a while now and when I saw this I know that I have to order this immediately.  My recommendation for shrimp lovers out there.  I usually add chili flakes to my pasta because I want it to taste a bit spicy since they already added chili slices for me, the spicy taste is just perfectly combined with the saltiness of the pasta.  One of my faves.


Don't like pasta?  Not to worry, here is another Gambastic dish but with rice instead.  Same concoction but paired with white rice.


I was a bit disappointed with their Churros because it doesn't really taste like a churro at all.  It feels a bit like bread or cookie (not sure which)?


I love their Blueberry Cheesecake.  You know that melt in the mouth cheesecake that we all love?  Well, this is the one.

Overall, I would come back here for more of that Gambastic Pasta.  And maybe next time, I will also try their other non-coffee drinks.

Café Aquatica Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato CAFE AQUATICA

ADDRESS: 619 Norberto Street, Binondo, Manila
PHONE NUMBER: +63 2 82423143
OPENING HOURS: 7:00AM to 11:00PM

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