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By huayyu - 5/06/2020

It has been months since we are on lockdown or Enhanced Community Quarantine.  Covid-19 has affected our daily lives.  We now have to think of creative ways for businesses to stay afloat.  My blog is one of those affected by it.  I am seeing lost of readership because nobody wants to search for things about food or travel.

Here's to my first post while still being in quarantine.  We know that delivery is now the "in" thing because people are afraid to go out.  So here is my review of Sergeant Alimango, a food delivery "restaurant".

Even while in quarantine, I can't help but crave for seafood.  Shrimps and crabs!!!   Just thinking about makes me drool.

Here are our orders:


Seeing the price, I am sure that some of you would say that this is expensive for a tub of rice.  For me, it is worth every penny.  Why?  Because it contains heaps of shrimp and chicken.  I actually thought that the white meat is crab too.  It almost tastes like one.  This is the first time that I have ordered fried rice that has a lot of toppings that I am not surprised that we finished off half of the pan easily.  We did have a leftover for the next day.  One teeny bitty thing that I didn't like was the green peas and there are lots of it.  This is just my personal preference because I am not fond of eating green peas.  Just imagine me having to take the green peas one by one (Anybody else who does this?  Can't only be me right?).  You know those rice that doesn't need to be paired with other dishes?  This is the one.  Scrumptious!



This is by far one of the best tasting Garlic Butter Crabs and Shrimps and by far one of the most affordable ones that I have tried.  For only Php 1,299.00, you already have 3 crabs and about 400 grams of shrimp plus 1 cob of corn (sliced).  This is not your typical garlic and butter only sauce.  I think they added other spices that is why it looks and tastes a bit different from your ordinary garlic butter sauce.   It tastes so good that you would want to pour the leftover sauce in your rice and lick your fingers after.  Don't forget to wash your hands.

Overall, I would definitely order again.  We actually planned on ordering for Mother's Day but they are already booked.  So plan your order ahead.  They have a 1 to 2 days delivery lead time.  I suggest ordering a week in advance and if there is a special occasion, as soon as the order slot opens.



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