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By huayyu - 6/05/2020

Finally, after almost a year of thinking of buying my very own tablet, I finally decided to go with the new Huawei MatePad Pro.  I have seen a lot of reviews, lots of why or why not.  So here is my first ever Gadget Review.

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It started last year when I want to buy a tablet for myself.  I think it is because of all those Youtube videos that I keep on watching like "Plan With Me" or "Journaling".  I initially want an Ipad and was thinking of buying an Ipad Air.  Since it was a bit expensive, I have to really think about buying it.  Meaning, I had to research to see if it was worth it.  

Then, Huawei announced that they are releasing a new tablet to rival Ipad Pro.  Having heard that, I watched so many videos and read too many reviews of the Huawei MatePad Pro.  Finally this year, I decided to wait on it especially since the price released was almost half the price of the Ipad Pro (if you include the keyboard and the pencil)!  What I don't like about Apple is that their accessories are expensive as well.  

This April, Huawei announced that they are ready for the pre-order of the MatePad Pro for the price of Php 32,990.  I was contemplating on this because we are currently on General Community Quarantine.  I usually buy any gadgets in a physical store mostly because they are expensive and I want to be able to return or replace it immediately if ever there are problems plus I can get an installment plan in a physical store.  Unfortunately, I have no choice but to order online so I tried looking for a reputable company and I chose  

I made the reservation through their store and I only had to pay for the initial Php2,000 downpayment.  After that, I had to wait for their e-mail instruction for the remaining payment.  I had to wait for a month before I received the e-mail instruction but once I made the payment, it was delivered fast.  I was actually expecting a longer delay due to the Quarantine but Abensons tried hard to deliver all the items even if we are on a Quarantine.

It was tightly packed and everything is in good condition.  You can watch my unboxing video below.

Since I pre-ordered, it came along with 3 freebies:
1. M-Pencil
2. Magnetic Keyboard
3. Huawei Band 4

So first in my review is, of course, the MatePad.  I so love the color of the screen.  This is one of my favorites, especially with Instagram.  If  I am looking at food, I would probably get hungry too just by looking at it.  The colors are too vivid, best for watching all those Korean Dramas and of course "food binge".   Just look at the colors in the pictures below.  And to think that I only shot these pictures using my Fuji camera.  


I know that most concerns are probably that Huawei devices don't have Google Services.  I did try Huawei App Gallery but most of the apps that I am using are not there.  I decided to try APK Pure as recommended by other Huawei users and it is a lifesaver.  I now have installed, Facebook, Instagram, Fuji Remote, and more on my tablet.   Though, watching Youtube might need some getting used to.  I had to watch Youtube videos in the browser except that it doesn't have the minimizing feature where you can minimize a video while also searching for a new video.  For those who are using Gmail, you can use the built-in E-mail app that comes along with this tablet.  All those fears that Huawei MatePad Pro is a waste because it has no Google Services are unfounded.  There are a lot of workarounds.  You just need to get used to it.

What I am having a challenge with is the headphone jack.  There is a type C adapter for the headphone but it is a bit bothersome and I am actually afraid that I might lose it because it is small.

What I like about the M-Pencil is that it automatically connects to the tablet once you attach it to the side where the magnet is.  It doesn't have the hassle of figuring out how to connect it.  The only thing is that I am having a hard time controlling the pen.  It might also because the screen is too smooth.  I haven't placed any screen protector and I am planning on buying the paper like one.  Aside from the need to practice writing on it, hopefully, it will be easier with the screen protector.

The Magnetic Keyboard is a very useful accessory.  Not only, it is hassle-free to connect it but it also allows Huawei phone to get connected immediately with just a tap or two between the table and the phone.  It helps save time in transferring files especially photos or videos.  The length of the keyboard is pretty comfortable for me.  I heard from one of the Youtube videos that I watched, that some are having a hard time getting used to the keyboard.  I think it is comfortable to type on unless you have very big hands otherwise it seems like any ordinary keyboard but soft to touch.

Here is an extra freebie from Abenson, Huawei Band 4.  I didn't open it because I am still not sure what I am going to do with it.  I already have my own Fitbit so this is a bit extra already.  Though, from what I heard, it is actually a pretty good gadget for those with a limited budget.

I have been using the Huawei MatePad Pro for about a week now and overall, I am satisfied with this gadget.  I have never owned an Ipad Pro before so I can't really compare but this Huawei MatePad Pro is a great tablet for those who want a powerful device but at the same time affordable.  I saved a lot when I bought this during their pre-order period because of the freebies that came with it.  Complete package with the pen and keyboard.

Have any questions?  Please comment below.

BRAND: Huawei

NAME: MatePad Pro
PRICE: Php 32,990 at Lazada | Php 44,999 at Shopee (2021 version)
SHOP: @Lazada | @Shopee

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