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By huayyu - 6/12/2020

Bella's Comfort Food

Ever since the Quarantine began, a lot of food deliveries popped up.  Bella's Comfort Food has been long in this food delivery business before the quarantine began but we only tried it since we can't exactly go out to celebrate an occasion.

Bella's Comfort Food is perfect for celebrating special occasions, just like this upcoming Father's Day.  We already ordered twice from them, ordering almost the same dishes.

Here are what we ordered:


Bella's Bellychon is one of their specialty dishes.  They stuffed the pork's belly with different spices and herbs which makes the dish very aromatic.  The meat is tender and the pork skin crunchy, just like we wanted.  The medium size is big enough for at least 15 persons.  Well, based on the serving size of Bella's, they said it is around 8-12 persons.  Maybe it depends who is really really hungry?  For me, it is big enough that we have leftovers to eat the next day for both lunch and dinner.

Bella's Bellychon


I only belatedly realized how much I enjoy eating Kare-Kare without the intestines.  This is actually one of my favorite dishes at Bella's.  Their cuts of the liempo is big and not too much fat, just the way I like.  This dish perfectly goes together with white rice.  Now, if you are on a diet, I wouldn't go near this dish because for sure, you will be going back for more rice.

Kare-Kareng Crispy Liempo


Here is another dish that is best paired with white rice.  I love how rich their sauce taste but not too much to make you feel overwhelmed.  As the name of the dish suggests, it really does have a lot of cloves of garlic.  Though, I didn't count them to see if they really are 40!  The only thing that I don't like is how they cooked the chicken.  I think it is just me because I am not too fond of the boiled chicken (or maybe baked or roasted?).  The chicken are all thigh parts (quarter).  A bit big if you asked me because not everybody can eat a whole thigh.  But definitely worth trying especially the sauce (drools).  

40 Cloves Garlic Chicken


If you have been reading my blog, you would know that I would never pass up a chance to order a shrimp dish and this one did not disappoint.  One great thing about eating Bella's shrimps is the fact that they are already shelled!!! Yes! The taste is as expected because you can't go wrong with a salted egg dish unless it becomes too salty and this one just has the right amount of saltiness with a hint of spice.

Salted Egg Yolk Chili Shrimps

Having been the second time we ordered here, I can confidently say that we will order again.  You get the value for money because they're delicious and the large serving.  

Tried Bella's Comfort Food?  I would love to hear which dish you recommend the most.  Comment down below.


*Order through their Social Media accounts.

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