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By huayyu - 1/30/2021

Since the start of the pandemic, we have been wearing masks, face shields and washing our hands more often to prevent the spread of the virus.  One of my new essential for this "new normal" is an automatic hand soap dispenser.

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Why automatic hand soap dispenser?  We don't need to touch the dispenser at all which lessen the risk to contaminating the surface.  Much needed in this time where you don't know how the virus spreads.

We recently received a Deerma Hand Wash Basic from a friend as a Christmas gift.  I was actually already thinking of buying an automatic hand soap dispenser.  Luckily, I didn't push through with it and got this one as gift instead.
Deerma Hand Wash Basin is user friendly.  You can easily use it even if you didn't read the manual.
Open the top cover to put the liquid soap in.  Make sure to wash it first before using just to be sure it is clean.  Only use regular liquid soap.  Do not use those foamy hand soap.  I use Safeguard's Lemon Hand Liquid Hand Soap because they have refill packs, much cheaper.  There is a max line indicator in front.  Fill only up to that line.

This dispenser operates on a 2 AA batteries.  Make sure your batteries are new.  We tried using a used battery (still works for other things) and it didn't work.  We thought that the dispenser is broken.  After deciding that maybe there is not enough power since the battery is used.  Just a note that you might think that it won't work at first especially if you are using it for the first time.  To know that it is working if using it for the first time, you should hear a sound of the soap being pumped out but there is no soap coming out.  Try for a few times, then the soap will eventually come out. 

I am glad that this one has a power button.  Why?  Since it is a sensor, the soap might accidentally spill out when trying to change the batteries or moving to a different place.  Make sure it is off to avoid soap coming out.

Overall,  I love this soap dispenser and it is not too bulky that you could put it anywhere.  One of must buys especially this period of pandemic.

BRAND: Deerma

NAME: Deerma Hand Wash Basin
PRICE: Php1,399.00 (varies depending on sale)
SHOP: @Shopee | @Lazada

BRAND: Safeguard

NAME: Lemon Fresh Liquid Hand Soap Refill
PRICE: Php125.00 (varies depending on shop and sale)
SHOP: @Shopee | @Lazada

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