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By huayyu - 1/02/2021


Have you ever tried chopping an onion without crying?  I mean literally crying.  When I was a trainee at a hotel, one of my job is to actually peel and chop sacks of onions!!!  Talk about literally crying at work.  But chopping is not something you could get out of especially when you are into cooking.  I love how people invent things for convenience.

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Who would have thought someone will be able to invent a chopper with just 1 press that could mince an onion and the convenient thing is that it is wireless plus chargeable to boot.

I learned about Deerma through Xiaomi.  I was looking for Xiaomi's smart home products when I came across their vacuum cleaners which have both the Xiaomi and Deerma brand.  Got curious so I also started following Deerma.  Now, we have their Mini Garlic Stirrer or mini chopper.

The chopper has 3 blades and it is easily removable and washable.  Be careful when removing and washing it as the blades are sharp.

It has 3 buttons that you have to push continuously when grinding.  Though, I am not sure if there is any difference between the 3 buttons.  It seems pretty much the same for me.

The Deerma Mini Garlic Stirrer also comes with a "spork" on the side which is very useful in slightly stirring the chopped veggies.  

On the side, it has an indicator of the maximum amount that you could put inside.  Since this is a mini chopper, you could only place small amounts.  I would recommend pre-cutting the veggies into smaller sizes before using the chopper.  Much easier plus it will still save time.

You can also use the chopper in cutting meat.  Above picture is the homemade Scallop Balls that my sister made.  She used ground pork and scallops to further grind and mix the two together.  It tastes delish.

Overall, I would recommend this gadget to those who love to cook and wants to reduce their time in chopping especially veggies.  We would often have a jar of minced garlic in the fridge.  There will be a day wherein we will chop veggies and place them in jars.  No need to chop every time you will cook.  Very convenient.

BRAND: Deerma

NAME: Mini Garlic Stirrer
PRICE: Php2,399.00 (varies depending on sale)
SHOP: @Shopee | @Lazada

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