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By huayyu - 9/13/2021


Lately, I have been interested in sustainable products that would help our environment.  Just imagine the plastics that we use every time we buy hand soap or cleaning solutions.  Then, I saw these Suds Sustainable Pods which they claim to reduce plastic waste and carbon foot print while effectively cleaning and eliminating bacteria.  Read on to find out my experience with using these pods.

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I have always been trying to find ways to help the environment since I heard that our ocean are now being polluted with plastics.  I belatedly realized that even the sachets of shampoo we are using are just being disposed in the landfill with no way of getting degraded of a long time.  And big companies do not have any recycling programs where we could drop off used plastic bottles.  There are also no government programs to help lessen the use of these plastic bottles.

When I first saw Suds, I thought it was cool to refill soap in dissolvable pods which made me decide to try it.  I bought a hand wash and their all purpose cleaner starter kit.


I opted to buy their started kit which includes this foam soap dispenser.  I actually like this bottle because it is thick and durable.  Feels like it would last long.  If you already have foam soap dispensers at home, you could buy their refill of 10 pods for only Php299.00.  Each pod could make 250ml of soap.

The plastic of the hand wash pods feels a bit delicate to touch.  Press harder and it seems like it would break.  It feels like a plastic wrapper of books that is soluble.

Just wait for the pods to dissolve.  It takes about two to three minutes.  To fully mix the water and the soap, I shook it well.

This soap has a mild scent of lavender and creates bubbles that I love because it seems to make washing hands more fun.  One pump is enough for one wash.


In this time of pandemic, even the all purpose cleaners we use should be antibacterial.  I would often wipe my desk every time I finish working and I am glad that they also have these cleaner pods available.  The only thing that I am not satisfied is the bottle.  As durable as the hand wash dispenser is, the flimsier this spray bottle is.  The body can be easily dented when holding it tight and the nozzle doesn't seem to look feel sturdy either.  If you have spray bottles on hand, I suggest you just buy their refill of 15s for only Php299.00.  One pod could fill up a 500ml bottle.

The feel of the cleanser pods is a bit compact.  Not sure if this is just a coincidence that both the hand wash and cleaner pods have different feel.  For me, it doesn't really matter as long as it cleans well and sustainable.

Same as the hand wash pods, just wait for two to five minutes for the soap to dissolve.  Don't forget to shake it well after.

Surprisingly, this cleaner is very ideal in removing dirt plus it smells good.  It doesn't have a sticky feel after.

Overall, I love the hand wash and all purpose cleaner of Suds.  It saves the environment from plastic trash plus it cleans well.  Though I would probably just buy their refills especially if you have empty foam soap dispensers or spray bottles at home.  Buying pods will also save you storage space.  For almost Php300.00, you can get 10 250ml of hand wash and 15 500ml of all purpose cleaner.  Not a bad deal.


NAME: Antibacterial Lavender Hand Wash Pods Starter Kit
PRICE: Php 99.00

NAME: Antibacterial Lavender Hand Wash Pods Refill - 10s
PRICE: Php 299.00

NAME: Antibacterial All Purpose Cleaner Pods Starter Kit
PRICE: Php 119.00

NAME: Antibacterial All Purpose Cleaner Pods Refill - 15s
PRICE: Php 299.00

NAME: Hand Wash (10s) / All Purpose Cleaner (15s) Pods Bundle
PRICE: Php 589.00

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