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By huayyu - 7/23/2021


I recently got a package from Home Buddies as a welcome gift for signing up to their Budol Patrol.  I was surprised to receive this Olay package since they only gave this to 3,000 people out of the 20,000 that signed up. 

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Being a "Budol Patrol" means that Home Buddies will partner with brands to send us products to try and review them.  Though this one is not included since this is a welcome gift.  A welcome gift that I still plan to write a review.

Olay Bodyscience Body Wash's claim is it will help you achieve bright and glowing even skin.  It contains Niacinamide that helps build protein in the skin and lock in moisture.

Prior to receiving this package, we have already tried all three variants when it was first released.  Curious on what variant we are still using until now?  Personally, the most important thing when choosing a body wash, or shampoo is the scent.  We don't choose those that have strong or bad smell since these will stick in your skin or hair even after washing.

First up is their Peptide variant for cleansing and firming.  Out of all the three, this one has the most fragrant scent and when lathering, it is not as slippery in the skin and bathroom floor.

Next is Hyaluronic Acid for cleansing & nourishing.  It has a mild scent which I also love.  When lathering, it feel smooth on the skin.  The only problem is the bathroom floor gets slippery especially if you use too much.   

Last is Vitamin C for cleansing & brightening.  Out of all the three, this one has a strong scent which I don't like.  It smells a bit like the chemicals in a hair salon.  So, I opted out trying on this variant.  My sisters however tried this and they said that it has a strong scent too.

Verdict?  Out of the three, we are still using the Peptide.  Mostly because it smells good and it moisturizes our skin.


NAME: Olay Bodyscience Body Wash Peptide 500ml
PRICE: Php349.00

NAME: Olay Bodyscience Body Wash Hyaluronic Acid 500ml
PRICE: Php349.00

NAME: Olay Bodyscience Body Wash Vitamin C 500ml
PRICE: Php349.00

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