Travel | Shopping and Food Trip Guide: Myeongdong Cathedral and Ewha University

By huayyu - 3/14/2017

Myeongdong and Ewha University

For our last day, we stop by the Myeongdong Cathedral and visited Ewha University.  Last to shop and eat lots of street food.
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The Myeongdong Cathedral is actually closed when we went there but there is a side entrance that you could use to go inside.  We only prayed for a little bit and took pictures outside the cathedral.  The Cathedral is very easy to find.  It is located on the left side of the Philstay Myeongdong just across the street.  You could walk from the hostel going to the cathedral for just about 5 minutes.

Myeongdong Cathedral

Myeongdong Cathedral

Next, we went for a walk around Myeongdong checking out all the cosmetics store (which are super cheap and has lots of freebies by the way) and saw there was a stall selling the tall ice cream.  Not worried about the cold weather, we still tired the soft-serve ice cream and it tasted great!


If you want to buy wholesale cosmetics, Myeongdong is the place to go.  They have a lot of 3+1 items and they mostly sell in bulk.

After walking the streets of Myeongdong, we decided to go to Ewha University.  Use the subway is going to Ewha as it stops at exactly in the street going straight to the university.  The street should be on your left side upon exiting the subway.  You would see lots of shops along the way.  After turning right, just go straight ahead until you reach the university.

Direction to Ewha University

Shopping at Ewha University

As we walked, we discovered some street food stalls.  We tried the fish cake and the spicy chicken and ate it at the parks near the food stall.  I can't get enough of their fish cake and spicy chicken, just delish!  This is just how they eat it in those Korean dramas that you see.  Remember to properly throw your trash in the appropriate trash bin.

Street food at Ewha University

Street food at Ewha University Odeng or Fish Cake

You will know that you are at Ewha University once you see the big gate.  The school ground is large.  And there are lots of students going in and out of the university.  You get to somewhat see what it is like to study there.

Ewha University

Ewha University

We did go inside but only until the long stairs.  We just strolled along with the campus and browsed some shops.

Ewha Women's University

Ewha Women's University

After that, we went outside for a walk.  I would recommend going there late in the afternoon as most of the shops (in the inner area) are still closed.  Ewha University is actually the best place to shop if you are in a budget.  You could buy 10,000 won bags here.

Ewha Women's University Shopping District

After this, we went to the Lotte Department Store in Jamsil Area.  Sorry, no pictures to share as we only visited for a short time.  We went back to Myeongdong and did last minute shopping.  It was really a good place to stay in Myeongdong as we were a bit tired and since it is close to the hostel, we could easily walk back.  We did have our last midnight snack, chicken and coke (should be beer but we don't drink). 

Did you enjoy Ewha University and Myeongdong as much as we did?  Let me know how your trip went.  Comment below.

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Myeongdong Cathedral and Ewha Women's University

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