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By huayyu - 1/29/2018

Going the first time to a not so familiar country will test your planning skills.  I have always been on a trip with my parents and they always do the planning.  My first trip together with my friend was in Korea but I have already been to Korea so it is not that difficult to plan.

Japan will be the first country that I went to with my friend for the first time.  So I have no idea of the places to go or how far the places are. Luckily, I discovered Sygic Travel Trip Planner.

Sygic Travel Planner was introduced to me by my officemate.  She knew I was having a hard time planning for my Japan trip.

What I really wanted was for me to see the distance of each place that I want to visit so that I would not waste time traveling between places.

Here is the website of Sygic Travel:

Once you enter the website, you will be asked which place you will be visiting.

You will also be asked about your travel dates, where you will stay and which airport you are going to arrive.

You will then be asked to sign up but this is optional.  For me, I didn't sign up since I only need the app to determine the distance between places.

They recommend that you sign up so that you could save your itinerary.  It is your choice if you wish to use the full capacity of the app.  Since I don't need to save it, I opted out in signing up.

Once you enter the website, you will see a map and on the left side, famous tourist spots are listed.  At the top, you will also see the date you are currently planning.  You could easily switch it to a different date.

You can click the tourist spots and will show you the details of that attraction and it will also bring you to the area on the map.

Just click the plus sign (+) at the right corner of the place to add to the itinerary.  Once you have finished adding, you could check the daily plan to see your itinerary for the day and the map will automatically connect the places.

In this instance, you would see that Osaka Castle is far from Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi.  But both Dotonburi and Shinsaibashi are near each other.  From this, you could plan in a day to go to those attractions that are near each other.

For me, Sygic Travel has been really usually on my trip to Japan.  It helped me plan my whole Japan itinerary.  Want to see my Japan itinerary?  Check out the post here.

Know more apps that help plan your travel?  Comment below to share.

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  1. Thank you. Hope you find it useful as I did.

  2. Anonymous11/26/2022

    not working
    muchos problemas