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By huayyu - 9/12/2018


There seems to be a boom in Korean Restaurants here in the Philippines.  And it is all because of our love for Korean Dramas and Kpop.  Samgyupsalamat is another one of the many Unlimited Korean BBQ restaurants that my sisters and I tried.  This one has over 20+ branches and every time we pass by a branch, it is always full of people.

First things first, be sure to get to the restaurant early and avoid lunch or dinner time as it could really get crowded and there are only a few parking spaces in the area.

They only have two kinds of Unlimited Menu:


11:00AM - 3:00PM: Php 399.00
3:00PM - 2:00AM: Php 449.00

5 Kinds of Pork

  • Dae-Pae
  • Bul-Jib
  • Yangnyum Daepae
  • Gochujang Samgyup
  • Yangnyum Moksal

11:00AM - 3:00PM: Php 449.00
3:00PM - 2:00AM: Php 499.00

10 Kinds of Pork and Beef

  • All the choices in the Unlimited 1
  • Beef Samgyup
  • Yangnyum Beef
  • Bulgogi
  • Gochujang Beef
  • Coming Soon?
As with any unlimited restaurant, they have certain policies.
  1. No time limit. Yehey more barbecue.
  2. Order quantity.  You can order a maximum of 2 kinds of meat.  After you finish eating, you can order again.  It makes sense since they don't want to waste food.  Eat only what you can.  Let us not waste any food.
  3. Unlimited choice course.  Same unlimited course per table.  Meaning, you can't have 1 people under Unlimited 1 while the others are eating Unlimited 2.
  4. Penalty for leftover.  Php 200 will be charged for leftover meat.  So don't over order.  As I said, eat what you can.
  5. Take out policy.  Leftover food and side dishes are not allowed to be taken out.  I think this is already a given policy.
  6. For waiting customers.  We will call your name for your table if you are on the waiting list.  However, we will give the table to the next customer if you are not on site.  Make sure you will wait for your name to be called.  If you don't want to wait anymore, let the receptionist know so that they will remove you on the waitlist.
Below are what we ordered.  These are not only the meat that we ordered.  We still ordered other meats but I was not able to take a picture of the others.  It also comes with iced tea, banchan (side dishes), geran jjim (steamed egg), soup and rice.


Samgyupsalamat Gyeran Jjim

Samgyupsalamat Samjjang

Samgyupsalamat Banchan

Samgyupsalamat Kimchi Jjigae

Samgyupsalamat Iced Tea

Samgyupsalamat Grill

Samgyupsalamat has the widest variety of marinated meat.  Although I still prefer the good old fashion samgyupsal (which usually does not have any marinate), it is still good to try some of the different flavors.  I most especially love their soup.  Its sourness made it taste like "Sinigang".

This is one of the most inexpensive unlimited Korean BBQ restaurants that I have been too.  With the price of below Php500 that has a choice of up to 10 kinds of meat with drinks and rice and additional side dishes and tastes good too.  Not bad for those who are on a budget but wanted to try Korean BBQ.

Samgyupsalamat Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato SAMGYUPSALAMAT ERMITA BRANCH

ADDRESS: Padre Faura corner Mabini Street, Ermita, Manila City
PHONE NUMBER: +63 2 463-0628
OPENING HOURS: 11:00AM to 2:00AM

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Visited Samgyupsalamat or planning to visit soon?  Let me know how it went.  Comment below.

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