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By huayyu - 9/14/2018


The first time I went to Gapyeong, my friend and I didn't get a chance to go to the Garden of Morning Calm because we only have enough time to go to Nami Island and Petite France.
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We traveled to Gapyeong on our own.  Check out my post: How to Travel to Gapyeong.  It was a bit difficult especially since we had to be on time to board for the bus and train going back to Seoul.

At that time, there are still no available affordable tours and since we are only two persons, it would be expensive to rent our own tour.

This time, I was with my sisters for this Korean trip and the last time we went to Korea, we weren't able to go to Nami Island.  Since this is their second time going to Korea, they decided that they want to go to Nami Island as well.  I let them know that it is a bit hard to go there on our own.  I told them, why not try Klook.  We already tried Klook the first time we went to Universal Studios Japan and it was very convenient.

We checked out their packages on Nami Island under Ktourstory and they have 4 packages.

KTourStory Klook

Their cheapest at the rate of Php 2,628 per person is Nami Island + Garden of Morning Calm which includes the following:
  • Entrance Tickets
  • English / Chinese Speaking Tour Staff
  • Roundtrip Transportation
Not bad for the rate of Php 2,628.  You don't have to worry about how to go there and get lost in the process.  You also don't have to wait for a long time for the bus to arrive or get squeezed in the middle because there are a lot of people trying to ride the Gapyeong Tour Bus.

You would only have to take care of your own lunch, dinner or snack which is okay with us since there are a lot of restaurants or snack carts in the area.

Of course, there are still other Nami Island Packages like Roundtrip transportation to Nami Island only but we decided to get the Nami Island + Garden of Morning Calm Tour not only because it is the cheapest but we only wanted to go to these 2 places.  Since we went around mid-March, the light show at the Garden of Morning Calm is still up.  

Here is the itinerary for the Nami Island + Garden of Morning Calm Ktourstory (taken from Klook website: subject to change without prior notice).  You can visit their package site Nami Island + The Garden of Morning Calm & More (Ktourstory) for the more detailed and updated itinerary:

  • 11:50AM depart from Hongik Univ. Station Exit 4
  • 12:30PM depart from Myeongdong Station Exit 2
  • 12:40PM depart from Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station Exit 10
  • 2:00PM arrive at Nami Island
  • 5:30PM leave for The Garden of Morning Calm
  • 6:10PM arrive at The Garden of Morning Calm
  • 8:10PM leave for Seoul
  • 9:30PM arrive at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station
  • 9:40PM arrive at Meyongdong Station
  • 10:10PM arrives at Hongik Univ. Station

As with any tour, you should arrive early at the meetup point stations.  It is actually pretty easy to see their tour guide and because a lot of people are availing the tour, you would know that they are also waiting for the tour bus.

Since we are staying at Meyongdong, our pick up point is at Myeongdong Station Exit 2.  This is located near a coffee and shoe shop.  If you arrive super early, you could go to the coffee shop first.  I think the coffee shop is New Balance (correct me if I am wrong).

KTourStory Bus

We were met by our tour guide Rachel.  Her English is good but with an accent.  She gave us her card so that in case we get lost, we would be able to contact her.  She also mentioned that we would be dropped off at locations and come back at a specific time to leave.  Take note that the guide will only be with you when you enter the tourist attraction.  They will leave you to walk on your own.  And they will be waiting for you when you get back to the bus.

KTourStory Tour Guide

Since I have already posted some of my pictures of Nami Island the last time I went there, I won't be posting anymore in this post.  The look is still the same as before.  You can check out my post about Nami Island.

One new thing that I tried on Nami Island is to have lunch there.  We went to Seomhyanggi restaurant.  I think this is one of the best Korean Barbecue Restaurants here.  I love their BBQ set especially the handmade sausage which is included in the set.  One of my recommended dish if you visit there.

KTourStory Seomhyanggi

KTourStory Seomhyanggi

KTourStory Seomhyanggi Menu

Here is what we ordered which is already good for 3 persons:
  • Oak Firewood BBQ Set B W 50,000: Half Barbecued Duck, Pork Belly Barbecue *200g), Dakgalbi Barbecue (200g), Assorted Handmade Sausages (2 pcs)
KTourStory Seomhyanggi BBQ Set B
  • Soybean Paste Stew with Rice W 4,000
KTourStory Seomhyanggi Soybean Paste Stew

After touring Nami Island, we went back to the bus at exactly the time that was given to us by Rachel.  Next stop, The Garden of Morning Calm.

The Garden of the Morning Calm is the shooting location of the famous Korean Drama, Love In The Moonlight.

KTourStory Garden of Morning Calm

You can check out the map that the guide will give you because the place is big.  It will show you where certain locations are so that you won't get lost.  

KTourStory Garden of Morning Calm

KTourStory Garden of Morning Calm

Here are some of the pictures that I have taken during my visit.

KTourStory Garden of Morning Calm

KTourStory Garden of Morning Calm

KTourStory Garden of Morning Calm

KTourStory Garden of Morning Calm

KTourStory Garden of Morning Calm

KTourStory Garden of Morning Calm

You will enjoy taking pictures with your family and friends.  Or if you just want to have your own photoshoot to show on your Instagram or Facebook.  The place is beautiful and it is even more beautiful if you can see it in person.

After taking a long walk, you can buy food or drink which they sell just outside the entrance of the garden.

KTourStory Garden of Morning Calm

We went back to Myeongdong right on time.

I would recommend this Klook Tour because it is very convenient.  You don't have to stay in line just to get on the bus and no transfers are needed between the train station and bus station.

Want to book this tour?  Book through Klook.  Use PROMO CODE: MOBILE10 to get HKD10 off your first booking.  Applicable on mobile app only.  Click here for more Klook Promo Codes.

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