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By huayyu - 10/29/2023


With all the Chinese Dramas that I have been watching, hotpot is their go to comfort food.  So I have been so into hotpot and I have been looking for the perfect one that fits my and my family's taste.  And I can definitely say that Moon Hey! Hotpot & Grill became our family favorite.

I don't know how many times I have eaten here already.  One of our top priorities is that its worth the money we spent.

Moon Hey! Hotpot & Grill is located in Quezon City and have 2 floors.  Though their setup is a bit different because they use conveyor belt to move the raw food around.  They also have 2 large private rooms for larger parties.

One of the things I love about this hotpot restaurant is that they have individual cooking induction and utensils.  I started loving individual pots because it is much easier and safer for everyone (Covid, you know) plus you don't have to search for the items that you put in the pot unlike when you are sharing with everyone.  So the left side is the hotpot and the right is the grill.

This is how the raw food gets around.  Unlike other restaurants, you won't have to wait too long for the raw food to arrive.  You just have to wait for the food to face you.  No need to call for waiter to order.  Much faster.

The condiments are self-service but you can ask them to make their own signature sauce for you.  I used to think that peanut sauce or anything similar to a peanut butter is only good for breads.  Boy, was I wrong.  I now prefer to have peanut sauce whenever I prepare for my sauce.  And luckily, their signature sauce also has peanut sauce.

This is what their signature sauce looks like.  Very delish.  Just ask one of the waiters to make it for you.

The price also includes drinks but you can also order sodas but with additional charge.

Here are some of the food that I really like.  The blue crab and shrimps make this worth it.  I wasn't able to take picture of the shrimp but both crabs and shrimps are fresh and fat.  Sometimes, I would even get a blue crab with fat or aligue on it.  Most of the above are for hotpot.

They do have marinated pork for grilling but I think that adding the grill is not worth it.  Because there is nothing special about the grilling except for a few marinated pork.  Unlike other restaurants, when adding a grill, they will also add scallops, wagyu beef, etc. making it worth the extra money spent.

Overall, I would go back to here every time I will crave for hotpot.  But I will be only getting the hotpot without the grill.

The hotpot only is priced at Php709 while adding the grill is priced at Php1,009.


848 Banawe, Siena, Quezon City, Philippines
Hotpot: Php709 | Additional Grill: Php1,009

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