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By huayyu - 9/06/2017

Want to go on a tour where you don't have to walk the whole day and tire yourself?  Then go Island Hopping!!!
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Where to schedule Island Hopping?  If you want to book in advance, you could book for an Island Hopping Tour through Klook (Read my Klook Review here).  In case that you forgot to make a booking, don't worry there is a lot of boatmen who will offer Island Hopping on the beach.  You could also call a tour agency just like what we did.  We called the Bohol Rent A Car again and booked for their Island Hopping Tour.

Reminder: Please make sure that they do provide the basic safety gear like life jackets and make sure that the weather is okay for traveling.  Do not push through if there is a storm.  You can always go, Island Hopping, next time but your life is much more important.  

Bohol Rent A Car Rates:
Boat Rental:
1 - 5 persons: Php 2000.00
6 - 10 persons: Php 2,300.00
10 - 14 persons: Php 2,800.00

Additional Fees:
1. Snorkeling Gear  (mask and mouthpiece): Php150 per set
2. Municipal Fee: Php100 per person
3. Guide to the fish sanctuary: Php 150 per person

***Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

1. Dolphin watching
2. Bacalisag Island - Snorkeling
3. Virgin Island

Once you have booked for the Island Hopping, let the guide know where you are staying so that they could just meet you at the beachfront.  Since dolphin watching in the itinerary, make sure you leave the hotel early like around 5:30am.

Initially, when we advised them that we want to meet at 5:30am, they declined because they said that it is too early and there are no dolphins yet.  So we left at 6:00am but since the boat is slow-moving, we arrived in the area at almost 7:00am.  Sadly, there are no more dolphins.  You would really need to leave early to catch the dolphins swimming.

No dolphins as you can see from this picture.

It looks like our guide (below) is enjoying the sea wind as he stands at the end of the boat.  Don't try this guys.  They are used to the boat that they can balance well without holding onto anything.

Since we didn't see any dolphins, we decided to just go to the next place which is snorkeling at Bacalisag.

Excited to see the little fishies!!! Nemo!!! Or maybe Dory!!!

When we arrived at Balicasag Island, they brought us to a waiting shed.  This is where you have to pay the Municipal Fee, Guide to the Fish Sanctuary and the Snorkeling Gear and where you will leave your things behind.  If you have your own gear then you could remove that from the total fees.

You will need to travel in a smaller boat going to the fish sanctuary.  You will all be lined up sitting as it will fit exactly 1 person.  Not to worry, the guide will be pushing the boat.  If you don't know how to swim (like me), you can ask for a life jacket.

Enjoy swimming with the fishies and be careful not to step on any corals as you might destroy their homes.  The corals are also sharp around the edges so you might scratch yourself.

You could buy crackers from the guide.  Just let the crackers dip the crackers in the water and the fish will come to you.  Too bad I don't have an underwater camera, if not I would have captured the fish.  You could bring your underwater camera but be careful though, you need to secure your camera as there are a lot of people snorkeling so there might be a chance that your camera might fall into the water.

After snorkeling, we went back to the shed where we were approached by locals selling their handmade souvenirs.

We rested a bit and then we went off to Virgin Island. This will be the last part of the trip. I think there was a high tide because we couldn't fully see the Virgin Island.  It is supposed to be a long stretch of white sand but only parts of white sand can be seen.  But we did enjoy the view and had fun taking pictures.

Looking for Island Hopping Tour in advance?  Book through Klook.  Use PROMO CODE: MOBILE to get HKD10 off on your first booking.  Click here for more Klook Promo Codes.

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  2. You're welcome. Glad you like it. Let me know what you think if you do visit Bohol.